The iSURGITEC conference was initiated in 2008 at Cursos de Verano de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, El Escorial when four groups of leading surgeons and scientists from the University of Chicago, Wayne State University, City of Hope Medical Center and Hospital Clinico San Carlos (UCM) met to discuss the application of advanced technologies in surgery.

In 2009, the consortium meeting took place at the Department of Surgery of Wayne State University in collaboration with the SSIM Institute.

In December 2010, the Department of Surgery of the University of Chicago, in collaboration with the Argonne National Laboratory hosted the event.

iSURGITEC 2012 meeting goals


Four years after its establisment, the goals of the meeting are:


  1. To understand the current barriers and opportunities for innovation in healthcare
  2. To analyze the impact of current technology and design in surgical innovation and economic growth
  3. To discuss how technology and innovation can improve patient safety
  4. To establish formal collaboration among groups to develop innovative projects in surgery based on cutting-­‐edge technology

The iSURGITEC 2012 CONSORTIUM MEETING will bring new perspectives for future surgical technology developments in times of economical crisis.

The iSURGITEC consortium is at the forefront of the development of new systems of surgery that are less invasive and less painful, affording quicker patient recovery.

Moreover, new techonologies will make surgery more accurate, safer, and more efficient. Microrobotics, mHealth, new energy delivery systems designed to destroy tumors, and better, rea-time, in-surgery diagnosis of cancer have strong potential for commercialization, small business development and the retraining of engineers and surgeons in this area.